Our first course is live

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We are very happy to announce that we have launched our first magic course! Essential Magic Volume 1.

Become a Magician: Learn Magic with Magician Tom Verner and Mime Janet Fredericks. Founders of Magicians Without Borders. A virtual eight-week magic course

Learn enough magic to put on a thirty-minute magic show for your family and friends.  Study with Tom Verner and Janet Fredericks, founders of Magicians Without Borders. Tom is an award winning magician who has performed in over forty countries around the world, bringing his magic to many people including over one million refugee and orphan children during the last twenty years.

Tom have been performing magic for fifty years and now he will teach you how to become a magician and perform a twenty-minute magic show.  Each session Tom will teach you one or two magic tricks and by the end of eight sessions you will have learned enough magic to put on an amazing and amusing performance. You will learn acting and storytelling skills.  You will learn not only “how the tricks are done,” but “how to do them in entertaining and amusing ways.” You will not just learn “tricks,” but under Tom’s guidance you will become an amazing and amusing magician.

For this eight-session virtual course, Tom will be using props you have at home or can buy at your local drug store for only a few dollars.  Learn to become a magician with a world famous magician. Ages ten and up—not just for children, great for adults also, perhaps a grandparent who would love to do magic for the grand kids and their friends, or a business person who wants to make a presentation more engaging and entertaining, or a teacher who wants to incorporate magic into their lessons. Lots of places and possibilities for magic in your life and work.

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